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21 June 2022

Kate Bush To Give Rare Interview To BBC Radio 4’s ‘Woman’s Hour’

Kate Bush
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Kate Bush will give a rare interview tomorrow (22 June) on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour at 10am.

The programme’s host, Emma Barnett, confirmed the news on Twitter, stating, “EXCLUSIVE: Kate Bush joins me on @BBCWomansHour tomorrow-10am for a very rare broadcast interview; her first in response to her 1985 hit, Running Up That Hill, finally going to number 1, 37 years later. We talk #StrangerThings (of course) and a whole lot more… join us”

Meanwhile, according to the midweek charts, it looks likely that Kate’s 1985 song Running Up That Hill will continue its extraordinary renaissance by spending a second week as the UK’s No 1 single.

The success of Running Up That Hill was sparked by its use in the latest series of the Netflix hit, Stranger Things. Vanity Fair spoke to Stranger Things actress Sadie Sink (aka Max in the show) about Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God).

“What was your familiarity with Kate Bush before filming this season?

I did not know Kate Bush beforehand, but then I immediately skimmed through her work and then became increasingly more obsessed, and then I was listening to her all the time. I cannot even tell you how many times I’ve listened to Running Up That Hill. It’s been a lot, but I’m still not sick of it, which is good. [Laughs.] Knowing the emotional connection that she has to that song, and how it’s kind of her anthem, played into it. It’s something about the energy of the song, the synth and the lyrics and everything. It’s so perfect. They could not have picked a more perfect song.

So how were you listening to it as you filmed the sequence, and as you prepared for it?

I think on the day that we were filming the running sequence in episode four, we had the song playing. And I always would have it playing in my headphones. There was an actual cassette in the Walkman and I could listen to it if I wanted to, but I did do a whole day in my own time where I just was home and had it playing on in the background for the entire day, just to see if I would go insane, because that’s what Max was having to do. So I’m like, Oh, my God. Would you get sick of it? How is she doing this all day?

And you did not get sick of it!

Honestly! It just brings up so many emotions, and it’s such an epic sequence, and I feel like it’ll always be tied to that moment.”

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