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07 May 2022

Jack Harlow Talks Humble Beginnings, Success In New Interview

Jack Harlow
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Jack Harlow has joined Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 for a conversation around his new album, Come Home The Kids Miss You. He spoke about his childhood and humble beginnings, the fickle nature of fame and the inspiration for the album.

Discussing his roots, Harlow reflected, “My career had very humble beginnings, that’s why anytime I see my name associated with anything like ‘industry plant’, it makes me so proud to really be able to say that I’m like, out of everyone in the game right now, one of the furthest from it. I didn’t skip any steps, bro, like I did steps none of these kids did. I talk about it on records, but I did open mics, I did South by Southwest, I did A3C, I did showcases with no one there. My first tour, I went to Madison, Wisconsin, did a bar with eight people in it, like I felt those feelings of not being the guy at all.”

Harlow went on to talk about the nature of fame and how important it is to him to stay grounded, “There’s going to come a time when they turn on me. I don’t know what it’s going to be, I don’t know why. I’m not trying to manifest it either. But I’m just saying inevitably that’s what happens. I see sparks of it just like any big artist sees. But all the people that are championing me are going to turn on me. And now I have a good feeling that they’re going to turn back around. I’m starting to realize that humility is just more important than ever right now. Just keeping a hold of that because it’s a long way down if you get with the hype.”

Speaking about the new album, Harlow gave some insight into its inspiration, crediting his hometown, “The theme of the project for me, is being from a place like Louisville, you get an opportunity to come back and you have this magic in your hands, like, ‘Look what’s going on out there, I brought back a piece for you. Check this out, look what I’m experiencing. I know you see it on the internet, but you want to see it up close? This is what it’s like.’ Almost every song on this album, you could find me threading it back to the relationship of what I’m experiencing and the context that exists with Louisville, because that’s where everything gets grounded, that’s where my reflection comes from.

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