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11 July 2023

Iron Maiden’s ‘Senjutsu’ Receives Gold Certification In The UK

Iron Maiden Hallowed Be Thy Name Book
Photo courtesy of Press/Iron Maiden 2022
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Iron Maiden were presented with a gold disc by Tony Harlow, the head of Warner Music UK., at the first of their two sold-out shows at London’s O2 Arena last Friday in recognition of their critically acclaimed studio album Senjutsu selling over 100,000 physical copies in the UK.

Lead singer Bruce Dickinson says: “Gold? That’s fantastic! “From the launch of the first Senjutsu track, The Writing On The Wall, we knew that this album would work really well live and we’re delighted that fans totally bought into an album with four songs over eight minutes long and another that is almost 13!

He added, “This UK tour has been incredible and it reminds us how much our music — both new and historical — means to fans both in the UK and all round the world.”

Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood said: “It’s terrific to continue to be awarded gold discs whilst touring through the great cities of Europe with a set containing five songs and around 50 minutes from this latest album, and the fans are loving it! It’s a vindication of the band’s intent to perform new music and the relationship we have with our fans that we continue to sell past landmarks like this in our home country and globally.

“We’ve always been proud to fly the flag for Britain and to be acknowledged with yet another gold album here is very satisfying. I think this makes it about our 20 somethingth(!) U.K. gold album going back over 40 years! Some record in more ways than one!”

Tony Harlow said: “At Parlophone/Warner we’ve been lucky enough to represent Iron Maiden for a good number of years now and my personal involvement professionally with them goes back much further. I remember manager Rod Smallwood telling me way back then that, ‘maiden and metal will always be there, strongly bubbling under the media fads of the day. Metal fans rely on quality and integrity, and we will always deliver on that.’ Watching the band at the O2 last Friday, some 30 years later, is proof that he had that completely right and the result is yet another gold album. Maiden don’t compromise, don’t sell out, and never disappoint. That’s why so many people wear their colours.

“It’s an honour and a privilege for us to work with them and we are super proud to give them this latest award. Even if it’s a drop in the ocean of over 5 million albums sold in the UK alone.”

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