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20 February 2022

Iron Maiden Announce ‘The Number Of The Beast’ 40th Anniversary Cassette

Iron Maiden Number Of The Beast Cassette
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Iron Maiden will mark the 40th anniversary of their chart-topping third album, The Number Of The Beast, with a commemorative cassette release on 18 March 2022 (25 March in the US).

This hugely influential recording, first released in the UK on 22 March 1982 – and the first of the band’s albums to feature Bruce Dickinson as vocalist – catapulted Iron Maiden to international stardom and set them on course for the spectacular trajectory of success which the band continues to enjoy and develop to this day.

The cassette is comprised of the 2015 remastered recordings of the original eight songs on the album as listed below, with front cover colour art based on the 1982 C-60 cassette release plus a redesigned & updated inlay. Ultimately it’s a tribute to a watershed album that sold in its millions in record stores all around the world; a celebration of those bygone times and a fitting souvenir for the fans who have loyally followed the band ever since.

Side 1
1. Invaders
2. Children Of The Damned
3. The Prisoner
4. 22 Acacia Avenue

Side 2
1.The Number Of The Beast
2. Run To The Hills
3. Gangland
4. Hallowed Be Thy Name

You can find some pre-order links here or just ask your local record shop. In the USA the cassette is an Independent Record Store exclusive, and you’ll be able to find stores and availability here.

The band are due to head back out on the road in May 2022 for the next leg of the Legacy Of The Beast world tour with dates in Europe, Mexico, Canada and the United States. Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson said in a statement on the band’s website, “I’m really excited about the new additions to the stage production and we can’t wait for everyone to see what we’ve got planned. The whole band has really enjoyed the Legacy tour and now we just can’t wait get back out on the road to play live, have fun and see everyone again.”

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