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10 April 2023

Hayley Williams Shares A Letter To Her Younger Self

Hayley Williams
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Hayley Williams has shared a note written to her younger self on social media.

The Paramore singer posted the short piece on the band’s Instagram stories page, where she also explained what prompted her to write the letter.

“My friend Elise has a newsletter and she sends out shorthand text newsletters that constantly encourage and inspire me,” she began. “For her birthday, she asked friends and creatives to contribute by writing notes to their teenage selves.”

The note followed:

“Good and also Evil
Kind and also Careful
Hurt and also Healing
Empathy and also Not My Problem
Bad Men and also Lovely Ones
Vulnerable and also Fuck Off
Vengeance and also Forgiveness
Stay Home and also See The World
Big Smile and also Depression
Distance and also Closer Than Ever
Intimacy and also No One Will Ever Truly Know Me
Straight and also Spectrum
Newborn and also Ancient Wisdom
Neons and also Neutrals
Hope and also Dystopia
Acceptance and also Rage
God and also Nothing
Everywhere and also Right Here
True Love and also Loneliness
Believing and also Seeing
Dreams Of The Future and also Painstakingly Present
Getting Better and also Enough

“I would tell her to learn now that life is both/and.”

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A post shared by paramore (@paramore)

Paramore are currently gearing up for a UK tour and are in reflective mood. Last week Williams celebrated the 10th anniversary of their self-titled fourth album with a post on the band’s socials. Williams wrote that making ‘Paramore’ took “a lot of guts and self-determination”. She added that there “was so much discourse around whether or not the band could make anything worthwhile… let alone stay together… It’s really great to be able to look back from where we are now, knowing the story didn’t end when some said it would.

“If all that led to our Self-Titled album hadn’t happened, we’d be the most boring band of all time. If we hadn’t been forced out of our trauma-bonded comfort zones

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