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18 March 2023

Hayley Williams On Reaching Out To Taylor Swift

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Hayley Williams has spoken about reaching out to Taylor Swift in the singer’s early days. Williams spoke on stage as Paramore began their support stint on Swift’s massive The Eras tour, which kicked off last night (17 March) at State Farm Stadium, Glendale.

During Paramore’s set, Williams said she first saw Swift perform at the Grammy Awards when she was still a teenager. “I was like 18 at the time, and it felt kind of lonely, to be that young and to be doing things, like the Grammys and all that.,” Williams said.

“And I met someone as I was leaving. And she said to me, ‘My daughter, she just played, she’s just getting started and she doesn’t really know anybody in the business. And I just really want her to be around people her age that are doing the same thing, and so I got her number.”

Williams was referring to Taylor’s mother Andrea. The Paramore singer added that she then decided to reach out to Swift. “Because I’m like, the shyest freak when I’m not on stage, I did not text [Taylor] until a certain VMAs scandal,” Williams said “That was the first time that I felt like I have to reach out, because this person is really cool and did not deserve that. So around that time is when I got to know Taylor Swift. And the guys and I have been able to watch her as we’ve been playing shows and touring the world, we’ve got to watch her trajectory. And I’m sure you know this, because you’re here tonight, so you obviously get it, but there are moments when I talk to people and I’m like ‘I am not sure that you get how f*cking incredible this artist is.’”

Paramore setlist opening for Taylor Swift, 17 March 2023

1. This Is Why
2. Hard Times
3. That’s What You Get
4. Decade
5. The Only Exception
6. Still Into You
7. Rose-Coloured Boy
8. Misery Business
9. Ain’t It Fun

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