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08 May 2022

Graham Nash On CSNY Reunion, “Not A Shot In Hell”

Graham Nash
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Graham Nash has spoken about the chances of Crosby Stills Nash & Young reforming, his relationship with the band and Joni Mitchell in an interview with The Guardian.

When asked whether CSNY had a chance of reforming Nash said, ““No, absolutely not. Not a shot in hell… I tried my best to keep it all together for the friendship, the music and the money. But I just ran out of patience.”

Nash went on to discuss his former CSNY bandmates, saying of Neil Young, “Neil knows what is best for Neil.” Stephen Stills was singled out for praise, “I love Stephen. Stephen Stills has got a big heart in that chest of his.”

Asked for his memories of CSN’s early days, Nash reflects, “We used to go to our friends’ houses in Laurel Canyon, me and David and Stephen with a couple of guitars, and we’d kill them. We were fucking fantastic. We had discovered a new way of singing, of creating a vocal blend, making our three voices into one. We would kill them. They could not believe what we were doing. Then we’d follow that with Guinnevere, then Lady of the Island, then Helplessly Hoping, and You Don’t Have to Cry and they’re all on the floor with their brains melting. That’s the image I see every time I think of those moments.”

When asked whether he still sees Joni Mitchell, with whom Nash was in a romantic relationship in the late 60s, he said, ““I do. I sent her a bunch of pictures I took of her. She loved them enough to want to use them as album covers, and of course I gave them to her completely free. You know, you can’t take a beautiful picture of Joni and then sell it to her… I couldn’t do that to Joan.”

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