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20 June 2022

FKA Twigs: “I Think I Just Unlocked Another Level”

FKA Twigs
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FKA Twigs is the cover star of the new issue of GQ and has given an interview to the magazine in which she talks about her new mixtape, Caprisongs, the importance of confidence for young women in the music, and her feelings as an emerging artist.

Discussing Caprisongs, Twigs talks about finding a new level with her music, she says of her previous work, “I didn’t feel trapped, I felt like I was just being myself. But I guess I just unlocked a new door, like a video game. It’s not even like I broke out. I think I just unlocked another level. It’s so good.”

Moving on to discuss her standing as a young woman in the music industry, FKA Twigs spoke about how essential it is for artists to stand up for themselves, “I think it’s important for specifically young women in a creative industry to have the confidence to understand their business and have the confidence to understand their worth and have the confidence to want more for themselves,”

Twigs went on to talk about how important moving to London was in her development as an artist, “It was really good for my spirit just to be around loads of different types of people and different religions and everyone looking different. It was the best thing that ever happened to me, really.”

Despite her success, Twigs spoke about still considering herself an outsider, “Before I was famous, the ballroom scene [in New York] kind of just took me in and wanted me to go out and wanted me to dance and show me. And I think there’s an authenticity in the spirit of being an outsider in a way, and finding family.”

“I’ve been that, and it’s funny, because even now, in what I do, I still feel like that. Even though now I’m a more successful artist, I still feel completely on it, the fringes.”

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