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Enyacore: How The Music And Style Of Enya Became A TikTok Trend
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Enyacore: How The Music And Style Of Enya Became A TikTok Trend

Inspired by Enya’s ethereal soundscapes and timeless style, the Enyacore TikTok trend celebrates the Irish songwriter’s enduring influence.


After captivating listeners for decades with her ethereal soundscapes and mystical themes, Enya’s influence is now reaching a new generation through a surprising viral trend bubbling up on TikTok called Enyacore. One of the more unusual Enya facts of recent years, Enya’s style and music, from her flowing dresses to her haunting melodies, are making a suitably otherworldly impact on pop culture, inspiring countless content creators on the internet. Here we explore the rise of Enyacore and how Enya’s unique sound and sense of fashion have captivated a new audience in the social-media age.

Listen to the best of Enya here.

What is Enyacore? Behind the viral craze celebrating Enya’s music

Ever since rising to fame in the 80s and 90s, Enya has occupied a much-beloved space in listeners’ hearts thanks to her calm, meditative and New Age-inspired sound. Born in County Donegal, Ireland, in 1961, Enya began her music career as a member of the Irish folk group Clannad, but soon struck out on her own as a solo artist. Her second album, Watermark, proved to be her breakthrough, introducing Enya to the world courtesy of her international No.1 hit single, Orinoco Flow.

Known for making music with lush, layered soundscapes using synthesisers, choral ambience and her own multi-tracked vocals, Enya often draws on themes of nature, spirituality, and mythology for her lyrics. For the past two decades and beyond, many fans have discovered Enya’s music thanks to its inclusion in numerous films and TV shows, most notably Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

Now experiencing a resurgence in popularity thanks to a new viral trend on TikTok called Enyacore, Enya is being celebrated in all her mystical glory, with fans creating their own fantasy and medieval-style videos set to her music and sharing them with the world.

@toptrendingtunes @bbheartburlyq #enyacore ♬ Only Time – Enya

What inspired Enyacore? Nostalgia and a longing for a simpler time

One of the hallmarks of Enyacore is its focus on nostalgia and a longing for a simpler time. Offering an escape from the pressures and anxieties of modern life, it’s unsurprising to see Enyacore videos use Enya’s songs to soundtrack images of rolling hills, misty forests and other natural landscapes.

With fan content ranging from cosplaying in Celtic-influenced dresses with scented candles, fairy lights and other mystical touches, to people sharing whimsigothic interior-design choices, or even make-up tips, Enya’s music is encouraging people to live out their castle-dwelling Game Of Thrones fantasies and infusing them with a boundless sense of creativity and wonder.

@bugboybuddy my new fav aesthetic #90s #00s #enyacore #fantasycore ♬ Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) [Single Version] – Enya

As Enyacore continues to gain momentum on TikTok and beyond, it’s clear that the best Enya songs have a timeless quality that resonates with people across generations and cultures. Enya’s mystical soundscapes and atmospheric vocals are offering TikTok users a much-needed escape from the stresses of everyday life.

What is the Enyacore aesthetic? Flowing dresses and capes, an all-white colour palette

Enya’s fashion sense has always been as distinctive as her music, and now her iconic look has become an inspiration to a new generation of fashionistas on TikTok. While also celebrating her music, Enyacore has led to a renewed interest in the Irish singer’s bohemian style, which features flowing dresses and capes, Celtic influences and an all-white colour palette representing purity, spirituality and a connection to the natural world, each contributing to Enya’s Earth-angel aesthetic.

It’s easy to see why Enya embodies an aspiration towards New Age royalty: since 1997, she has been living in Manderley Castle, occupying her throne as the true queen of ethereal pop that she is. It seems many TikTok users share this dream, filming their content in castle chamber settings while posing in medieval-inspired garments made from lightweight fabrics such as silk or chiffon, and dancing to Enya’s songs as if using the music video to The Celts as their aesthetic touchstone.

From knotwork and braiding to embroidery, TikTok users also indulge in a love of Celtic influences inherent in Enya’s fashion choices. However, the Enyacore trend is about more than just recreating Enya’s style. It’s also a way for fans to express their own creativity and individuality, using Enya’s aesthetic as a starting point for their own unique looks.

What’s so refreshing is how nostalgic and uplifting the Enyacore trend is. It seems to offer a sense of beauty and connection in a world that can often feel dark and divisive. Whether TikTok users are creating their own versions of Enya-style dresses, experimenting with Celtic-inspired accessories, or simply wearing all-white in a nod to her style, Enyacore is a wholesome celebration of the singer’s impact on the worlds of fashion, music and creativity.

The Enya effect: Nature, mythology and spirituality

Enya’s music has always been infused with themes of nature, mythology and spirituality, and these elements are a big part of why the Enyacore trend has taken off on TikTok. Fans of Enya’s music are drawn to her unique compositions, which often feature natural sounds such as birdsong and rainfall, as well as references to ancient myths and legends.

In this era of mindfulness and meditation, there’s a spiritual quality to Enya’s songwriting that resonates with many listeners, her lyrics often exploring themes of faith, hope and transcendence. The singer’s use of multi-tracked vocals creates a choral effect that feels almost sacred, adding to the sense of spirituality that pervades her music, such as in her hymnal classic Only Time, from her 2000 album, A Day Without Rain.

Enyacore as tribute: a testament to enduring appeal of Enya

With a fashion sense that reflects her connection to nature and spirituality, Enya’s choice of dresses in her music videos often nods to her Irish heritage, evoking a timeless quality that connects with our shared history. In an age where we are all seeking harmony with the natural environment, Enyacore sees TikTok users embrace Enya as the New Age fashion icon that we should all aspire to be.

The Enyacore trend is a testament to the enduring appeal of Enya’s music and style, and it’s heartening to see how the singer continues to inspire new generations of fans around the globe. Through her music, Enya has created a world that’s at once mystical and down-to-earth, transcendent and deeply connected to nature. Asserting Enya’s place among the most influential female musicians of all time, the Enyacore trend is a celebration of all that, and it’s a fond tribute to the power of art to inspire and connect people in unexpected ways.

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