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Best Glastonbury 2023 Moments: 10 Must-See Highlights From This Year’s Festival
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Best Glastonbury 2023 Moments: 10 Must-See Highlights From This Year’s Festival

From surprise collaborations to breathtaking performances, the best Glastonbury 2023 moments made this year’s festival truly unforgettable.


As spellbinding as ever, the legendary Glastonbury Festival delivered the goods once again at Worthy Farm in 2023, captivating music fans around the world with an unparalleled roll call of exhilarating performances and unforgettable experiences. As the UK’s most iconic music extravaganza, this year’s Glastonbury offered up a plethora of sensational moments that will be forever etched in the collective memory of its attendees for years to come. From surprise collaborations and mind-blowing stage productions to heart-stopping performances, this year’s Glastonbury Festival showcased the vast array of talent and diversity the music industry has to offer. Here, then, are the ten best Glastonbury 2023 moments – must-see highlights you won’t want to miss.

Listen to our Summer playlist here, and check out the best Glastonbury 2023 moments, below.

10: Lewis Capaldi tricks fans with Ed Sheeran prank

True to his cheeky personality, Lewis Capaldi trolled the crowd with a mischievous prank during his Saturday Pyramid Stage set at Glastonbury 2023. Toying with the audience, the Scottish singer began by introducing his song Pointless, which he co-wrote with Ed Sheeran. Excitement filled the air as Capaldi pretended that he was about to bring out Sheeran out for a surprise duet: “Ed Sheeran, ladies and gentlemen!” Capaldi exclaimed, and the crowd erupted in cheers, only to be met with mischievous laughter as the singer continued, “… is not fucking here.” Despite this playful jape, Capaldi’s performance was memorable in itself, particularly when the crowd urged him to take off his shirt, to which he good-naturedly obliged. However, while singing Someone You Loved, Capaldi unexpectedly lost his voice, prompting tears to well up in his eyes. The crowd stepped in to finish the song for him, in a powerful and touching show of support that will be long remembered as one of the best Glastonbury 2023 moments.

9: Blondie stun the crowd with punk nostalgia

Wearing a CBGB T-shirt – a nostalgic tribute to the iconic 70s punk nightclub that propelled legendary bands such as Blondie, Talking Heads and Television to stardom – Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry proved that age is no obstacle to being one of the best frontwomen in rock. At an astonishing 77 years old, she captivated the Glastonbury audience on Sunday evening with a Pyramid Stage performance that showcased the enduring legacy of new-wave pop. Unleashing the group’s most beloved hits, including the timeless anthems Heart Of Glass, The Tide Is High and Atomic, Blondie turned in a bombshell performance. They were even joined by Sex Pistols bassist Glen Matlock, surprising the crowd with the opening riff of God Save The Queen and bringing the unyielding spirit of punk rock to this year’s Legends slot. Without a doubt, Debbie Harry and Blondie proved that their rebellious essence remains as potent as ever, easily creating one of the best Glastonbury 2023 moments.

8: Royal Blood rise to the challenge after Foo Fighters set

It can’t have been easy for Royal Blood to step onto the Pyramid Stage on Friday, right after Foo Fighters’ surprise appearance. Following a performance by one of the biggest bands in the world is no small feat, but the Brighton duo rose to the challenge with their raw and passionate hard-rock gumption. Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher’s magnetic presence and high-energy performance proved to be equally as enthralling as Dave Grohl and co’s, gripping the crowd from the very first note. With blistering renditions of songs such as Out Of The Black, Lights Out, Little Monster and the raucous set-closer, Figure It Out, Royal Blood upped the ante and delivered a brazen display of their formidable talent. Leaving no doubt that they belonged on that stage alongside the festival’s biggest acts, Kerr and Thatcher proved that they were more than capable of holding their own and left an indelible mark on Glastonbury 2023.

7: Cate Blanchett dances with Sparks

In a surprise treat, legendary art-pop duo Sparks, comprised of brothers Ron and Russell Mael, delivered one of the most memorable Glastonbury 2023 moments when they invited acclaimed actress Cate Blanchett onstage to dance during a performance of their newest single, The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte. Embracing her role just as she did in the song’s official music video, Blanchett donned a vibrant yellow suit and noise-cancelling headphones, unleashing her inner groove and showcasing some of her best moves. Her energy and enthusiasm were infectious, adding a touch of Hollywood glamour to proceedings. Following this delightful interlude, Sparks launched into a rollicking rendition of their famous hit This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us, with Russell’s ageless falsetto effortlessly hitting all the right notes – a remarkable feat given that he’s now in his 70s.

6: Elton John brings a pink-suited Gabriels onstage

Elton John’s headline spot at the Pyramid Stage, on Sunday night, was always going to be one of the highlights of this year’s Glastonbury Festival, but what got everyone talking on Twitter was when the glam-rock icon invited R&B singer Gabriels out to sing Are You Ready For Love with the London Community Gospel Choir. Wearing a bright-pink suit and with a beaming smile throughout, Gabriels made for a joyful presence, showering the crowd with her infectious energy. With a voice every bit as dazzling as her wardrobe, Gabriels’ surprise appearance was a magical addition to the best Glastonbury 2023 moments, helping to place John’s unforgettable appearance among the best Glastonbury Festival performances of all time.

5: Slash shreds the stage with Guns N’ Roses

Delivering a career-spanning set that included classics such as Sweet Child O’ Mine and Paradise City, Guns N’ Roses ensured their Glastonbury 2023 performance was one for the festival’s hall of fame. The legendary band took to the stage with a fiery attitude that reignited the crowd’s appetite for destruction; however, it was Slash’s guitar wizardry that truly stole the show, as he unleashed a series of face-melting solos time and time again. With each blistering note, Slash seemed on a mission to reaffirm why he remains one of the best guitarists of all time. The image of Slash playing the mesmerising solo to Double Talkin’ Jive as the sun set over Worthy Farm was a sight to behold – a historic moment that reminded us all why Guns N’ Roses stand tall among the best rock bands in history.

4: Pretenders are joined by Dave Grohl and Johnny Marr

New-wave icons Pretenders delivered an outstanding Glastonbury 2023 performance at The Park Stage on Saturday evening. Chrissie Hynde, the charismatic Pretenders frontwoman, expressed her admiration for guitar heroes who have performed at Glastonbury throughout the years, and then surprised the crowd by introducing former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr during their set. Marr unleashed his incredible fretwork on some of the best Pretenders songs, such as Back On The Chain Gang and Don’t Get Me Wrong. Adding to the excitement, Hynde then introduced Foo Fighters’ frontman, Dave Grohl, with a humorous remark, mentioning a “drunk guy backstage” who insisted on playing. Grohl took his place behind the drums and brought thunderous energy to the stage as the group performed Tattooed Love Boys, capping off a truly memorable collaboration.

3: Foo Fighters “churn up” the Pyramid Stage with a surprise gig

In a not-so-secret surprise, Foo Fighters also delivered their own explosive Glastonbury 2023 set, under the guise of The Churnups. Upon stepping onto the Pyramid Stage, Dave Grohl couldn’t contain his excitement, acknowledging, with a grin: “You guys knew it was us this whole time, you knew it. We’re not good at secrets.” The group’s impromptu performance was nothing short of a rock masterclass, as they tore through their greatest hits with relentless energy, leaving the audience wanting more. Amid a setlist that covered everything from late-90s classics to newer singles such as Rescued, Grohl even shared a heartwarming moment with his daughter Violet as they performed a duet on Show Me How, a touching display of familial kinship amid the best Glastonbury 2023 moments.

2: Rick Astley and Blossoms perform The Smiths’ classics

In a jaw-dropping team-up at the Woodsies tent, 80s pop icon Rick Astley and indie-pop sensations Blossoms joined forces at Glastonbury 2023 to pay homage to the legendary Manchester band The Smiths. Astley’s ability to channel Morrissey’s melancholic tones was truly remarkable, perfectly complemented by Blossoms’ impeccable jangle-pop accompaniment. The camaraderie was a joy to behold, as the group paused midway to share some Jaeger shots, creating a sense of communal revelry as they ran through some of the best Smiths songs, including Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now and Panic, as well as deep cuts such as Barbarism Begins at Home. Astley seemed to enjoy “rick-rolling” the crowd this year, surprising everybody by drumming along to AC/DC’s Highway To Hell, an unexpected treat among the best Glastonbury 2023 moments.

1: Lizzo lights up the Pyramid Stage

Playing on Saturday night prior to Guns N’ Roses, Lizzo illuminated the Pyramid Stage with a truly electrifying performance that fully established her as a pop superstar in her own right. Positioned as a co-headliner, the multi-talented singer wowed the audience with a mesmerising setlist showcasing some of her best songs, including infectious tracks such as Juice and About Damn Time. Accompanied by a dynamic ensemble of backing vocalists and dancers, not to mention a scorching rock guitarist that would give Slash a run for his money, Lizzo’s commanding stage presence left no doubt that she has what it takes to deliver a headline-worthy spectacle entirely on her own. it easily earns its spot at the top of the best Glastonbury 2023 moments.

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