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05 February 2022

Dua Lipa Talks Upcoming Tour, Elton John Collaboration

Dua Lipa Most-Played Artist UK Radio Televisions
Photo: Andrea Raffin/Alamy Stock Photo
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Dua Lipa has spoken about what fans can expect from her upcoming Future Nostalgia Tour, which starts on 9 February in Miami.

Speaking on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Dua revealed that her plans for the Future Nostalgia Tour are now “massively different” thanks to the success of the album and delays due to the global pandemic. “Initially when I was meant to go on tour it was only meant to be a month after the album was out, so I just hoped the fans would really quickly learn all the lyrics and come and watch me. This time, I’ve done a lot of audience research, and so I feel like I know what songs people like,” the singer said.

Dua went on: “The Future Nostalgia Tour really is the Future Nostalgia tour because it’s predominantly songs from the album, whereas I think before, it would have been bits here and there and lots from my first album. Now it’s the perfect combination, the very best of.”

She went on to discuss the “mind-blowing” success of her Future Nostalgia album, “It was beyond anything that I could’ve ever hoped for, and maybe that’s the fate that the album was meant to have,” she said.

Dua also spoke about her collaboration with Elton John on the huge 2021 hit single, Cold Heart, saying that when Elton Facetimed her to discuss the song, “I was in a bikini and a cowboy hat. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It was perfect.”

As well as seeing her live, you’ll soon be able to hear Dua Lipa host her own podcast, as she said in the introduction to her Service95 newsletter, “Soon, you’ll also be able to listen to Dua Lipa: At Your Service, my accompanying podcast where I interview some of the world’s most fascinating, inspiring and influential names across music, literature, entertainment, fashion, activism, politics… Am I exhausted? Ha. Actually, I’m exhilarated! I feel like I’m strapped to a rocket, ready for take-off – and I’m hoping you’ll join me for the ride.”

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