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19 June 2022

Crazy Horse On Latest Album From Neil Young Archives, ‘Toast’

Crazy Horse
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Crazy Horse have spoken about Toast, the album they recorded with Neil Young back in 2000, in new interviews with Uncut. Toast was shelved after recording sessions but will be finally released on 8 July and can be pre-ordered here.

Guitarist Frank ‘Poncho’ Sampedro shared his reaction to hearing Toast after so many years, “I’m amazed at this record. I can’t believe some of the stuff we played. It seems natural when you listen to it. We played all genres and touched on a lot of aspects of who the Horse could have been or could be. Neil’s lyrics are really touching. The way he used his vocals were so creative, it’s just unbelievably beautiful really.”

Sampredro went on, “This is totally unique to Crazy Horse, it has so many different layers. It’s part of jazz, part of blues and it’s just spooky as hell. It’s going to surprise a lot of people, I think.”

Bass player Billy Talbot also discussed the album, “The reason it’s coming out is because [Neil] really thinks it’s great. He was a little surprised by it, but probably secretly knew [how great it was].” When asked how what he remembered of the sessions, Talbot reflected, “It went down pretty easily and slowly. The air was pretty clean, as far as all of it was concerned. We were into the moment really nicely… it was a beautifully creative, peaceful time.”

Talbot went on to discuss Neil Young’s mood during the sessions, “He’s always a bit secretive. He doesn’t just run at the mouth. But he’s a nice guy and he likes having fun, enjoying life. At the same time, he was the creator of this music, along with the Horse in a way. But he wrote these various pieces that we got into, in the way that they were… and anyway, it’s good to hear.”

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