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27 April 2021

Coldplay Tease A New Possible Project With ‘Alien Radio’ Site

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Coldplay appear to be working on a new project, having shared social media posts and a new website, which plays an array of sounds when you drag your cursor across the coordinates on the planet.

They also today (27th April) shared a short clip on Twitter, which fans have interpreted as reading “Coldplay, Higher Power, May Seven” suggesting either a new song or album with that title is due in the coming weeks.

Billboard posters have gone up around certain places, including Camden and Green Park, London; Sydney, Australia; New York, and Seoul, South Korea, as well as a digital sign during a football match at Estadio Monumental in Santiago, Chile, if the coordinates shared on social media are to be believed.

The Twitter account, Alien Radio FM, first shared a tweet on 18 April, reading “Transmission incoming. Standby.” has worked to decipher a lot of the alien text and audio on the website.The frequencies revealed “subjects ranging from the anatomy of baseballs and advertisements for the Scottish highlands for satellite launches to excerpts from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes’ story Adventure of the Dancing Men and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland“.

As well as saying: “The only area that stands out amidst the multilingual chatter: an area in the upper right corner of the screen near 95 MHz x 55 MHz, which triggers a series of tones and scrolling text at the bottom of the screen in what appears to be Baudot (International Teleprinter) code. This message, which the players have taken to calling “signal.svg”, is currently unsolved.”

The website and keen eyed fans have also suggested that “The scrolling text provided a longer phrase that players suspect are lyrics to Higher Power: “this joy is electric and you’re circuiting through / I’m so happy that I’m alive happy I’m alive at the same time as you”. Combined with the messages from the advertisements, players have managed to reconstruct most of the alien alphabet.”

What comes next remains a mystery, but it is another fun quest in the band’s history of releasing albums. In 2019, they promoted Everyday Life by revealing the album’s tracklist in the classified section of the Devon, England paper, Express And Echo (Chris Martin grew up around Exeter, hence the connection.) As Devon Live said at the time, the advert appeared “above an advert for a car boot sale and next to an appeal to find a tenant for an apartment.” Coldplay also hid handwritten copies of the songs from 2014’s Ghost Stories in libraries around the world, starting a global hunt for them with the band sharing lyric clues on social media.

So, what comes next? Fans will have to wait and see.

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