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19 June 2022

Christine McVie: “The ‘Songbird’ Album Might Be My Swansong”

Christine McVie
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Christine McVie has spoken about her new solo collection, Songbird; her time in Fleetwood Mac; and her early years in a new interview with Uncut.

When asked whether she had plans to make another album, McVie reflected, “Every once in a while, an idea might pop into my head – but by the time I have woken up the next morning, I’ve forgotten it. I haven’t thought about making another record. The Songbird album might be my swansong. I’m going to be 80 next year, so I gotta slow down a bit, you know?”

Asked when she was happiest in Fleetwood Mac, Christine stated, “I’ve always felt very fortunate. Always. Obviously, some of the work was hard and it was tough going. When Stevie joined it was a bit weird because I’d never worked with a girl before. We just wanted to have Lindsey, but he said, ‘If I join my girlfriend comes with me.’ So that was a debate. But I instantly liked her. She and I aren’t what you’d call close buddies, but if one if us was in trouble, the other would be there like a shot. At the time, I struggled with her superstardom for a bit because I felt like someone kicked me off the stage. I got used to that and kind of dug it in the end, because I could hide behind the keyboard where I feel perfectly at home.”

McVie also looked back to her early days in Fleetwood Mac, whom she joined after their founder member, guitarist Peter Green departed, “Without Peter they were struggling, for sure. They wanted to carry on as a four-piece and not replace him. But they realised they needed another band member. Then one day Mick came out, followed by John and the other guys, and we all sat around a table. They said, I know it’s short notice, but how would you feel about joining?’ I said, ‘You don’t have to ask me twice.’ Ten days after that I was in New Orleans with them. It happened that quickly.”

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