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11 October 2021

Charli XCX Reveals More About Upcoming New Album

Charli XCX
Charli XCX (Picture: Terrence O’Connor/Press
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Charli XCX has spoken to The Chart Show on Apple Music 1 about what fans can expect from her upcoming fifth album, currently thought to be due in early 2022. The UK singer recently released Good Ones, the first single from the new record, and suggested it gives fans a taste of the album: “It definitely sets the palette for the rest of the album. It is heavily 80s-inspired. There are a lot of uptempo tracks. It’s dark, it’s kind of sexy and sexual and sort of demonic at points, I suppose. But then there are lighter moments too. But yeah, I think the whole record is about my relationship with relationships and sex and power, but the song itself, I suppose, it’s about falling for a toxic person, being always ready to put myself in the most dangerous positions, just to feel something which I guess it’s kind of the whole record, but I feel like we’ve all been there at points in life.”

Charli went on to talk about the video to the track, directed by Hannah Lux Davies: “I think the Good Ones video came from this idea of taking the phrase, “Let the good ones go,” to a very literal place as in death and loss of life and mourning that someone who you were with. So I’ve always been fascinated by funerals as like an event, they’re very rich in imagery funerals, they’re very beautiful and very special. And they mean a lot to a lot of people, and it’s this place of extreme emotion. So I thought, why not turn it into a music video, I suppose. So, yeah. That’s kind of where it came from this idea of like the kind of physical act of like letting someone leave your life.”

The singer’s fifth album is due to be her second for Warner following 2020’s acclaimed How I’m Feeling Now.

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