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02 April 2024

Charli XCX On Her “Fun, Gossipy” New Album ‘Brat’

Charli XCX
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Charli XCX has spoken about her upcoming album Brat in a new interview with Vogue Singapore.

“I came from the clubs,” Charli told the magazine, explaining her new direction. “When I first started making music, I was playing at illegal warehouse raves in Hackney in London. That’s home to me.”

It’s not only her music that has moved on, “Lyrically, this is quite a different record for me. I’ve written the songs almost in the way I would write texts to my friends or based on things I would say to them on FaceTime. We talk a lot about pop culture and music and it’s been really fun to gossip about the songs we go. They’ll ask ‘Oh, who is this one about? Is this about a friend? Is it about an ex?’ It has fuelled this fun, gossipy narrative which permeates the album.”

The singer went on to underline the support she has received from her loyal LGBTQ+ fans. “I truly feel like I wouldn’t have a career without the LGBTQ+ community,” she said. “They have made so much possible for me and supported me when everyone else had given up. It feels right for me to try my best to amplify that community wherever possible. It feels very natural to me.”

Charli also spoke about her recent single, Von Dutch: “I was thinking about the feeling we have when we’re being watched. Whether it’s by our peers, co-workers or even our sort of frenemies. You know how sometimes you just feel like someone’s watching your every move? This song is me saying, well, if you want to watch, I’m going to give you a show.”

Charli XCX 2024 Tour Dates:
1 – Barcelona, ES @ Primavera Sound Barcelona
7 – London, UK @ Here at Outernet ^
11 – Queens, NY @ Knockdown Center
12 – Chicago, IL @ Radius
15 – Los Angeles, CA @ Shrine Expo Hall
19 – Mexico City, MX @ LooLoo Studio ^
22 – São Paulo, BR @ Zig Club ^

^ = DJ set

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