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12 May 2024

Chaka Khan Reveals Her Greatest Achievement

Chaka Khan
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Chaka Khan has opened up about the worst job she’s ever done, the thing she’s proudest of and changing her mind in a new interview with The Guardian.

When asked what the worst job she’s ever done is, Khan answered, “When Rufus first came out, it was all white guys and myself, but then the band changed and Tony Maiden, Bobby Watson and Andre Fischer came in. This guy booked us for a gig in Illinois, based on our original album cover, and when we got there he said that there were too many black people in the band. He actually put some white guys on the stage with us.”

Khan also revealed when the last time she changed her mind about something significant was, “I do that almost daily. I am trying to fine-tune my life, so I am always trying to look at what we can change or fix to be more productive and more helpful. I want to be here for a good reason and not to just take up space and breathe in precious air for nothing.”

When asked her greatest achievement, Khan suggested, “Staying alive, being here at this age. So many songs. It’s crazy.”

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Khan will curate this year’s Meltdown festival, held at London’s Southbank Centre in June. In a press statement, the singer said, “Get ready to experience the heart and soul of Meltdown 2024, where the magic of music meets the warmth of community. I’m beyond excited to be a part of this legacy, bringing everyone together, young and old, for a summer celebration like no other,” Khan said in a press release.

“This festival isn’t just about music, it’s a feast for all your senses, a gathering of hearts and souls. The Southbank Centre’s about to light up! We’re going to funk it up, rock every crowd, and touch every soul. It’s a community celebration, an all-ages bash. Join us and immerse yourself in a world that’s vibrant, diverse, and absolutely unforgettable.”

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