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17 April 2022

The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney Discusses New Single, ‘Wild Child’ In New Apple Music Interview

Black Keys Patrick Carney Wild Child Single
Photo: James Jeffrey Taylor/Alamy Stock Photo
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On the latest episode of ALT CTRL Radio on Apple Music 1, presenter Hanuman was joined by Patrick Carney of The Black Keys to discuss the band’s latest single Wild Child, their upcoming album Dropout Boogie, and the 20th anniversary of their debut album The Big Come Up.

He also told Apple Music entering a prolific period with bandmate Dan Auerbach, bringing in more outside collaborators, burning out and taking a break in 2016, the group’s decision not to immediately sign with a major label at first, and more.

Speaking about the origins of the band’s new single, Wild Child, Patrick Carney said: “We went to Dan’s studio in Nashville, Easy Eye. And we just posted up there for a couple weeks and just threw down a bunch of ideas that came to us off the top of our heads. And I think it was the 10th idea was what became Wild Child.

“But yeah, it was pretty much in two weeks we kind of laid out what became the whole new record. We spent a few more weeks after that finishing it up. And I mean, Wild Child, the most simple way to describe where it comes from is when we get in the studio, there’s a couple litmus tests we have for if something’s worthwhile. And if it’s fun to play.

“This was one of the songs that was really fun. And we were listening back to the instrumental and we were not sure what to do with the verses. We had our friend Greg Cartwright who was in a band called The Oblivions. He’s in a bunch of bands, but he’s a dude from Memphis. We had him come to town, hang out with us. So we played him that track and he’s like, “Oh, I got an idea.” And from that we were able to kind of put the song together.”

Listen to the full interview with Patrick Carney on Apple Music here.

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