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07 March 2024

Benson Boone On The Success Of ‘Beautiful Things’: “My Life Has Changed Dramatically“

Benson Boone
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Benson Boone has spoken about the success of his massive worldwide hit single Beautiful Things in a new interview with Variety.

“My life has changed dramatically since the song came out,” Boone said. “Beautiful Things was the first time that I really made proper goals for the song to come out, and now that they have been fulfilled, I can fulfil other goals. It’s so, so, so insane to me that that is happening. I’m trying so hard to formulate words. I have so much trouble processing it all right now, because I’m trying to stay on top of it and make this moment bigger than just Beautiful Things. But when I sit back and look at what’s happening, it really, truly blows my mind. Because it’s something a lot of people dream of, and [I’m] one of those people.”

Boone went on to compare Beautiful Things with his previous material, “I’ve had a lot of songs that are piano ballads and softer, slower songs, and my two other songs that have done well for the most part, In The Stars and Ghost Town, that’s kind of the vibe they are. I think this was a little more unexpected for people, but also this song is definitely a step in the direction I want to take in this future music. This song just shows a new side of me that people haven’t seen, and I am just stoked that it’s resonating with people because obviously that’s all an artist can dream of.”

The singer revealed his excitement at the prospect of following up his hit with live shows, “I think a lot of the preparing will be vocally,” he said. “When people hear some of these songs, they’ll understand why I’m doing that. I want to make this tour a lot more of a proper show than last time. This time, I think I’ll have better music and be more prepared to put on a better show. I’m just excited to see fans again and people’s faces and to entertain.”

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