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05 June 2022

Avril Lavigne Releases ‘Let Go’ 20th Anniversary Edition

Avril Lavigne
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Avril Lavigne has celebrated the 20th anniversary of her debut album, Let Go, with a new deluxe edition — out now — featuring six bonus tracks.

One of the additions Lavigne’s newly recorded version of Breakaway, a song she originally wrote for Let Go, but left off the album (she gave the song to Kelly Clarkson, whose version became a hit in 2004). For the new version of Breakaway, Lavigne restored some of the original lyrics, which reference her childhood in Canada.

The rest of the bonus material comprises five B-sides and other rare tracks recorded during the Let Go sessions. They include Why — the B-side to Lavigne’s breakthrough hit Complicated — and Get Over It, the Sk8er Boi B-side that, up until now, hasn’t been available on streaming platforms. There’s also Make Up, another rarity previously unavailable to stream, as well as Falling Down and I Don’t Give, which appeared on the soundtracks for Sweet Home Alabama and American Wedding, respectively.

Along with the digital release of the Let Go 20th anniversary edition, a special double-LP vinyl version featuring the same track list and bonus tracks is on the way.

Lavigne released her seventh studio album, Love Sux, in February. “I went into this album and just said, ‘I want to make a pop-punk record, a rock’n’ roll record. I don’t want to be on the piano. I don’t want ballads, really. I just really want to rock out,’” she told Billboard. “I think especially after my last album being so mellow and dramatic and deep and introspective — you know, it was beautiful, and it was where I was at in my life, and that’s what worked for me at the time. But I was just ready to get back out there, rock the f—k out, and again just thinking about the live shows. I mean, this is the kind of music I fell in love with, when I was old enough to buy CDs, to discover bands — like, my first year of high school, which is grade nine in Canada.”

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