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05 November 2020

Are Foo Fighters Teasing Fans With A 10th Album?

Guy Bell/Alamy Stock Photo
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It looks like a new Foo Fighters album might be in the works.

The band, founded by Dave Grohl, confirmed on the Bill Simmons podcast in February this year that a new Foo Fighters album had been completed, as well as revealing he was working on a documentary about the experiences of touring in a van.

Fans have now spotted the band’s ‘FF’ logo, as well as the Roman numeral X (meaning 10) in various locations including Hollywood Boulevard and Sherman Oaks, California, where the same logo was accompanied by an image of a burning coffin.


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New 10th FF ALBUM spoiler at Las Palmas x Hollywood Blv @foofighters @foofightersbr #foofighters

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The same burning coffin image now appears on certain songs when they’re played on Spotify, too, so something appears to be in the works.

This isn’t the first time Foo Fighters have teased events with special symbols. In 2017, the band put a visual of their logo on social media without any accompanying description. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that it bore a striking resemblance to the logo for the Metro Chicago, a venue in Illinois. It was a venue Foo Fighters had played at on many occasions and yet for that year’s tour they hadn’t listed any live dates in Chicago. They later confirmed they were playing a surprise gig at the venue.

So what could the appearance of the logo mean now?
Yesterday the band also confirmed they’d be joining Dave Chappelle as the musical guest on this weekend’s edition of Saturday Night Live.

Earlier today (5th November) hey have also added a new video to their socials, simply titled “LPX” that plays a snippet of music. So a tenth LP looks increasingly likely…

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