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19 April 2022

Anitta On Becoming A Global Star, Making ‘Versions Of Me’

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Anitta has spoken to Rolling Stone about her rapid rise to international fame and the making of her new album, Versions Of Me.

The singer was interviewed on the day that her single Envolver had topped Spotify’s global charts, making her the first Brazilian solo artist to ever do so, ““My cellphone is going crazy… It’s in all the newspapers, the TV news, everything. The whole country is literally, like, stopped.”

Anitta went on to talk about the collaborations on Versions Of Me with artists including Khlaid, Saweetie and Myke Towers, “I love mixing cultures. I think it’s so important… [It] makes people get more into the culture of different places and get to learn different things.”

Versions Of Me follows her breakthrough, 2019’s Kisses, an album which she reflected upon, “I didn’t have an international record label. I didn’t have management. I didn’t have anything. I literally made that album to search for a team to show people, ‘Hi, this is what I’m capable to do. Can you please join me? Can you please believe in my dream and my future?’”

The latest album sees Anitta ready to take on the pop planet and better reflect who she is as an artist and person, “I just feel like I’m a person with a lot of different personalities in just one person. All my friends say that they wait for me to wake up and wait, like, 15 minutes to find out which one is in control in that moment… If I want to be sexy, if I want to be romantic, if I want to be cute or hot or sporty, it’s the same for me with music.”

“I made this album thinking of me,” she said. “I hate creating expectations, because I’m always scared of things not going the way I was expecting — so I just don’t think about it. If I love it, it’s good. I don’t need anyone else to love it.”

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