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30 December 2021

Alice Cooper Reveals He Supported His Crew During Pandemic

Alice Cooper
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Alice Cooper has spoken to Forbes about supporting his road crew during the pandemic and his latest album: “We could see that it was… something,” he said. “So we put money aside as a backup for them. Because we knew that their unemployment would run out, you know? And then they’d have something to go to. I think all responsible bands did that. Hopefully.

“Because these are people we live with. We work with them every day. The guys that run the stage are as important as the guys that play guitar. So we made sure that everybody was covered. And that was really important. Hey, we thought this thing was gonna last a month! 18 months?! Unreal.”

Cooper went on to talk about his 2021 album, Detroit Stories, which topped the Billboard Album Sales chart in the US: “We did the album right before the pandemic hit. And I went to Detroit. I said I wanted to do a rock album – a full out rock album. You can’t do that album in Nashville – you can’t do it in LA and you can’t do it in New York. The only place you can do a real hard rock album is Detroit. That’s the home of hard rock. So we went there. And not only did we do it there, we wrote it about Detroit and we used all Detroit players – guys from the MC5, Grand Funk Railroad and people like that.”

“It comes out and my wife says, ‘Did you see this?’ I looked and it says, ‘Alice’s album debuts at No 1.’ I went, ‘What?!’… If you look at the bands that are still here – Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses, Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper – we’re all hard rock bands. Music goes up and down and goes all over the place but the music that never goes away is hard rock.”

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