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20 June 2024

Alice Cooper On Running For President: ‘Let Insanity Reign!’

Alice Cooper Rob Zombie Freaks On Parade
Photo: Scott Hemenway/Alamy Stock Photo
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Alice Cooper has spoken to Billboard about his satirical bid to be elected as the president of the United States.

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The veteran rocker has launched his campaign which promises “ongoing virtual rallies and Q&A sessions,” and urges fans to “Stay informed. Join the Conversation. Be Part of the Movement.”

“It’s the same joke over and over. It was funny when I started doing it, now I’m really tired of it,” he said. “I just can’t’ believe these two (candidates) are the best we can do. Y’know what they really are? These two are the best that money can buy. What they should do is just pick up a phone book and put a finger on somebody; whoever it is, if it’s a guy who owns a gas station in Iowa, he should be president… It seems like anybody out there can be better than these two guys.”

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Cooper is currently on tour in Europe, which has given him another perspective on US politics. “Everyone here’s terrified with what’s happening with our presidential race,” he reflected. “Everybody that I talk to in Europe goes, ‘Really? Is that the best you can do is these two guys?’ and I go, ‘I have no idea.’”

During his current show, he wears a straitjacket during a performance of his classic Elected. “That’s the funniest bit of it,” he said. “Here’s this maniac in a straitjacket going, ‘You could do better! I’m your man!’ Alice in the straitjacket makes the point, y’know? ‘Let insanity reign!’”

Cooper also revealed that he has finished work on “a surprise album” to follow last year’s Road. He did not give any details away, including a title or release date, other than “it turned out to be very unique.”

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